Pack walk
Molly and Hugo in the daises
Alice, Amber and Hugo
Amber in the Jungle
Alice and Hugo post walk
Alice and Molly
Hugo and Bolt
Molly and I
Pack walk
Dora and Romy
Dora and Romy
Finn and I
Mum and Alice at 8 weeks

About Me

Alice and I

I started Alice’s Adventures, a local dog-walking business in the Ascot area, to allow me to walk and care for dogs and help people who need it at a reliable price. The mission underlining Alice’s Adventures is to provide a flexible service revolving around individual needs. If a customer needs help and my services don't meet those requirements then I’ll adapt to aid them in any way I can. Walking dogs has brought me so much peace and joy, especially through hard times, so it gives me great pleasure to provide an excellent service to these loyal animals who help so many of us.

The ‘Alice’s Adventures’ name was inspired by my dog, Alice. She is a 10-year-old labrador, full of endless energy, cheeky with selective hearing, as every owner knows! Alice is the happiest dog I know. She’s kind, emotionally sensitive and intuitive. She always seems to know when it’s playtime, time to cuddle, and no matter what she will get the hugs that are owed to her.

Before Alice’s Adventures, I helped form and worked with ‘Gone to the Dogs’ after working for and receiving training from the owner of ‘Walkies’, another pet care firm.

On the walks, I’ll be taking photos and videos of the dogs playing, swimming, sniffing and over time forming friendships with other dogs. Being able to share these memories with the owners, allowing them to experience and collect these moments of their dog's life is a great pleasure I value in my job.

As well as pack and solo walk I offer dog sitting at your home, including overnight stays. This service includes walks, playtime and feeding.

Please contact me, if you have any questions or if you want to book a trial walk please go ahead!


DBS Checked

Fully Insured