Pack and Individual Walks to Daycare and Dog sitting


I offer pack walks and individual walks on the weekend as wells as in the week. Dog daycare and dog sitting services. I offer these regular or flexible bases. The price for dog daycare and dog sitting will vary on the length of time and requirements of the dog.

20 Minute Trial Walk

This is Mandatory for any new clients. FREE

A trial is crucial for you and your dog as well as myself. It allows me to know if I will be able to meet your dog needs and to make sure we are the right fit. I will also be able to observe their behaviour outside and get to know their basic commands from you and how to best handle them from the person who knows them best. Subject to everything going well on the trial walk, you will get half price off you first walk, Pack or Solo.


Individual Walk - Weekday

An 1 hour & 30 mins of individual bonding for your pup.

The Individual walks are ideally suited for dogs in season or dogs who have medical issues that prevent them from a large expenditure of energy. Dogs who are recovering from surgery or dogs that aren't very keen on their own kind. Whatever the case is solo walks are a wonderful alternative. I love Individual walks as it allows me to really bond with one fur-baby. Pick up and Drop off included


Pack or Individual Walk - Weekend

I offer weekend walks

I do work over the weekends and operate with your best interests in mind. The pack walks over the weekend are half an hour longer. Over the weekend's work is a little more unpredictable therefore if you require any care or walk for your four-legged companions please give me a should and I will do my utmost to fit these. The more warning I have the more likely I am to be available it able to make other arrangements so there is no such thing as too prepared!

Pick up and Drop off included.


Pack Walk - Weekday

Play Date with a group of energetic pups.

A pack walk is a perfect way for your dog to get exercise as well as social interaction with other dogs. On these walks, they will create bonds other dogs and form friendships with them. They will enjoy a variety of different locations to stretch their legs in and will always have a plays to splash about!
Pick up and Drop off included.  


Dog Day Care

Care for you dog in the day

Dog daycare will include walks, cuddles and playtimes. Daycare is flexible completely to your needs. I will pick them up and drop them off. If you require a full day of care, I will collect them before the morning pack walk and drop them off at an agreed time. They will join me in my activities all day, from all my pack walks to chilling at home.


Emergency Last Minute Care

Call me if you need emergency care you your pet!

I know how life can throw curve balls therefore I offer a last-minute care service from a day to as long as needed. I can care for your dog till you can sort something more permanent until you are able to return. If you get suck with this, I have connections in Teddington various dog walkers and boarders. Please contact me if you are in need if this service. We can discuss prices for the service and the time. Or come to an arrangement for the situation at the time.

Pick up and Drop off included.




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